1. Two Resident Medical Officer present

Residency is a stage of graduate medical training. A resident or house officer is a physician (one who holds the degree of M.D., D.O., or MBBS, MBChB, or BMed) who practices medicine usually in a hospital or clinic under the direct or indirect supervision of an attending physician.

2. O.P.D.s: – Fourteen regular and Eighteen on call consultants (list enclosed)
3. Indoor: – I.C.U. Deluxe, Private (A.C. & Non A.C.) Semi-private (Non A.C.), General, (Male & Female) wards. NICU
4. Emergency: – 24 Hours
5. Intensive Care Unit (Cardiac & General Emergency)
6. Ventilator (Siemen’s)
7. Ambulance –24 Hours
8. T.M.T. (Tread Mill Test), Multipart Monitoring, Pulse Oximeter, Defibrillator etc.
9. Spirometry (Computerized Lung Function Test)
10. E.C.G.
11. Trauma care – Major and Minor injuries – All type of Orthopedic Surgery.
12. X-Rays – Two machines, one fixed another portable DIGITAL X-Rays
13. Pathology lab & Tie-up with Lal Pathology Lab and Religare (Ranbaxy)
14. C – Arm Image Intensifier (with 9” aperture and high frequency). – Latest “State-of- The-Art-Technology.
15. Operation theatres – Three – Two major and one minor- including one separate O.T. for eye-surgeries, road side-accident.
16. Orthopedics care – Fracture fixation by nails plates, screws, fixates, partial joint replacement Arthroscopies, etc.
17. General Surgery – Hernia, Hydrocoel, Appendix, Gall bladder, Uterus, Prostate etc. By open & Laparoscopic methods – on call
18. Plastic surgery – on call
19. Eye Department – Eye Check up & Treatment of Eye Problems, including eye Surgery Including Phaco.
20. Gynecology – Operations, Caesarian Section and normal delivery.
21. Dental Surgeries
22. Removal of foreign body (e.g. Iron Patti Pieces)
23. Oxygen connections – Centralized supply as well as portable cylinders.
24. Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Center- 500 sq. feet area. – The largest, in this Belt.
25. Audiometer
26. Nebulizers
27. Boyle’s apparatus- Anesthesia Machine. (Two)
Electric cautery machine.
29. Factory consultancy and medical check-up of workers, including general & special Checkups.
30. In house ‘Pharmacy’ – day hours.
31. In house ‘canteen’- day hours.
32. Acupressure Specialist available
33. Health awareness programs at factories
34. Pre- employment health check up
35. Maintenance of health records as per factory act.
36. First aid training by St. John Ambulance Association and by Gopinath Hospital.
37. Intra Uterine Insemination Center (I.U.I. UNIT) for the treatment of infertility.
38. Health Talk on any topics as per W.H.O. guidelines.
39. Care of children and new born, by Pediatrician.
40. New born warmer and phototherapy available.